A Mybatis plugin that makes interaction with Mybatis seamless.

Offline activation (usage) is now available.
Folks at these awesome companies are already using Mybatis plugin.

Mybatis plugin provides...

  • Smart SQL parameter completion
  • Code completion, syntax highlighting
  • Navigation, Find Usages, Refactoring, etc.
  • Introduce custom 'Parameter' language
  • Integrate with DataSource in IDEA
  • Many useful code inspections with helpful quick fixes
  • Many useful intention actions to make it easier to write code
  • Generate SQL statement corresponding to Spring Data Jpa Specification
  • Generate code on the fly
  • OGNL support
  • Annotation support
  • Spring support
  • Spring Boot support
  • Mybatis generator support

Available Now

Mybatis plugin was rewritten from scratch with new architecture to make it more stable and be compatible with both IDEA ultimate and community edition.

It is a commercial product, with a free non-commercial license for non-profit projects or research institutions.

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